what things i am doing…

Mostly polluting the internet with creative shite


Writing gibberish since 1978


Taking substandard uninteresting pictures with my phone (Like everyone else these days)

Film Production

As a Television Production and Media graduate, I keep my skills fresh by making dodgy short films on Vimeo and Youtube


Liking stuff I read on a host of websites and internet boltholes

A little more about Stegzy

Blogger, writer, local politician, film maker, photographer, television production graduate and internet non-entitity Stegzy Gnomepants is the online identity of a scouser with a slight Yorkshire accent living in the East Midlands.

Stegzy can be found in most social media platforms either as Stegzy or Stegzy Gnomepants. If you can find me, look me up. I don’t bite. Usually.

The Compostual Existentialist

Public WordPress blog

Stegzy’s Music Project

Listening to every album I downloaded during the great download heist of the mid to late noughties


Find some of my other films here

The Existential Compost

The Livejournal hosted version of the WordPress site


I’m on Ello too, not that I use it

The Other Compost

Used now mostly as a feed of articles I like and find interesting


Some pictures I took


Many of my short films are available on my Youtube channel


If you like having your data shared by sinister governments and companies with hidden agendas, then feel compelled to find me on Facebook