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Last night I watched an interesting documentary about religion and climate change called God is Green. It was quite disturbing. Especially as it was the second documentary, I've seen recently, which mentions the devout fundamentalist American Christian lot who are trying to bring about the biblical "end of the world". They really are a worrying lot, more so with the cromagnon man, who rules from the Whitehouse, who is a devout believer in all that "lets bring about the fall of mankind. It is God's will!" o_0 (Tell me again how he got elected?)

Other parts of the documentary included:-

  • pro-coal people (coal is one of the highest polluters) saying that any changes toward energy generation would be detrimental to the American economy, cost jobs and be "unpatriotic".
  • India and how as a developing nation they are the 4th largest CO2 producers in the world
  • The Vatican being really shady about things. Especially in regard to its environmental policies (Did you know that members of the Holy See travel nearly 50000 miles a year by air? Thats a hell of a lot of carbon)
  • Muslims travelling to the Haaj (the annual pilgrimage to Mecca) many many times in a lifetime rather than the required once.

Basically we're fucked in the arse. We've fucked the planet and stripped it bare and in retaliation Nature is doing the Goatse on us. We've fucked the planet and there are people out there who are still humping away with a huge self satisfied grins plastered across their sanctimonious, "God's grace" fizogs. "We can all do our bit as long as we act now" the presenter said "Think small to effect big".

So I thought small in my uninsulated 1910's house, sat on my hydrocarbon based polymer stuffed sofa, watching my hydrocarbon framed mercury and rare element filled, hydrocarbon generated electricity fuelled TV. While eating hydrocarbon fuel grilled kebab of probably factory farmed chicken and lamb. In my hydrocarbon generated electricity lit room. "This cannot go on much longer".

So as a message to future researchers I type this on a hydrocarbon polymer framed, toxic metal filled keyboard. Into a rare and toxic element filled, carbon powered computer.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry decendants, I'm sorry fellow humans.

I was having such a good time living my life of luxury, playing my part in the rape the planet of all its resources because I was only thinking of myself and not future generations. By way of comfort I tried to shop locally and only bought locally produced and sustainable foods. I convinced my wife that a second car would be irresponsible. I even looked into buying solar, wind and other green powered generators so that I could continue my irresponsible and selfish existence. My carbon footprint is a carbon crater. A footprint of Gog and Magog proportions. It would take me far too much to offset what damage I have already done. Using a carbon calculator I discovered that in the past year I have produced approximately 3353 Kg of carbon, and that's using average figures so it is probably much much more.

I'm sorry. I will endeavour to plant 4 trees at the weekend by way of reparation and I shall try to have a Carbon neutral day sometime later in the year.


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The start

Last year I made the decision that for a year I am not going to eat any potatoes. Just to see what would happen. Would I lose weight? Would I get really sick? Would I stay the same? Would I turn into a superhero with vegetable powers like laser broccoli and ultrasonic Jerusalem artichokes?

Well...I'm about 10 days through my potato fast. So far, I have to be honest, in those 10 days I've had 3 chips (Freedom/French/fucker fries whatever you want to call them) and they formed part of a meal that I could not finish anyway due to my sickness this weekend. Apart from my dodgy tummy this weekend (probably brought on by some cheese or some chorizo I've had for a bit longer than I should have) I haven't noticed any ill effects. Other than my bad guts this weekend I've felt perkier and I've enjoyed creating and eating my oat substitutes.

One such oat substitute was a savoury oat porridge thing cooked with onions and tomatoes. Quite nice really. Another was an oaty paste made with beef stock which didn't really taste good but I only made 2 mouths full worth so I didn't mind. The real crunch comes at lunch times. I'm kind of missing my beef crisps but not if you get my meaning. Because I've been off my food anyway I'm not really bothered by not eating them but theres a little voice in the back of my head saying "mmmmmmmm beef hula hoops" but this is the same voice that says "Mmmmm smoking is nice" and I'm learning to ignore that voice at the moment.

Also the wife mentioned my usually blackheaded nose is unusually clear and my skin is looking "nice and soft" (her words). Now this could be because of the large volumes of water I've been drinking over the last 5 days or it could be something else. I asked "Does it look like a potato?" she said "No". I think its the lack of spuds....See scientific me ;-)

So I suppose you'll want some control statistics.....well...in all the fun and games I've not made any before I started but as we're only 10 days through the experiment I don't suppose that will matter too much (unless by April I've withered away into some stick insect weighing 10 ounces....

As of 10th January 2007 I am 5ft 11inches tall - I weigh (naked) just over 15stone. My waist is about 40cm.

Yeah that makes me a chubber....but maybe my spud free diet will change that.

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Hello, I'm Stegzy Gnomepants. Though you might know me as Steve.
Being regular buyers of local food and supporters of local suppliers and industries, the wife and I have been enjoying the wealth of goodies the Barnsley area has to offer. But we didnt start here....oh no. Long before August 2006, when we moved to the Barnsley Area, the wife and I lived in the bustling metropolis of Liverpool where we started our "Buy Local" life style.

Such has been our way of life for over 4 years but one day, after considering long and hard the environmental issues arising with human activity. I noticed how many of the items I was eating were grown and transported from beyond the United Kingdom. Oranges for example, hardly indigenous to the UK (yet). So in a bold move I suggested to the wife that we cease buying food out of season and strive to eat local produce grown in season, wherever possible. This is the journal of our experiences.

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